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by Navas: We have a wide range of laminated glass thicknesses ranging from 3 + 3 to anti-theft glass and bulletproof, through laminated glass for decoration and interior design.


All the companies of by Navas have the cutting glass machinery and the laminated glass machining machinery that is composed by two or more glasses separated by polyvinyl sheets. This sheet can be transparent or translucent, with colors and include practically everything: papers drawings, IED diode, fabrics, etc. Also, it can receive a special treatment, both acoustic and Solar. This sheet gives the glass an additional security against breaks, because the pieces of the broken glass remain sticked. This flexibility allow the sheet glass become an essential element in the contemporary architecture and design.

As new, we can highlight the usage of the EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a film that facilitates the rolling process, using less heat and time and also it offers a wide variety of creative possibilities using different materials as fabrics, pictures or metals, among many others.