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Tempered Glass

The bending strength of the tempered glass corresponds to more than 4 times the resistance of normal glass. When broken, it shatters into many small pieces, without causing sharp or deep wounds.

Tempered Glass

The tempered glass is gradually heated to a temperature between 575 and 635 degrees Celsius and then rapidly cooled with air. In this manner, the glass is exposed in its surface to compressive stresses and in its inside to traction pressures, conferring a greater impact and structural resistance unlike the untreated glass, having at the same time the additional advantage that in case of breaking it, the resultant fragments become harmless because of it (for which is considered one of the types of safety glass)

All the articles, whether courts dimensions, edged or drills should be manufactured prior to the tempered.

Temperate lacobel

We are proud to present the new Lacobel tempered, this is the safety version for the Lacobel lacquered glass. Maintaining and even improving both, the brightness and the aesthetic of the classic Lacobel. The new Lacobel tempered offers several additional advantages:

- The glass arrives lacquered from the supplier, making the delivery times lower

- The lacquered is uniform, the color is stable after the tempering process and also the quality of the lacquer applied in the process give us a really low probability of scratching the glass during the transportation, even before being tempered.

- Its strength and security make it suitable for both, indoor and outdoor use, being also resistant to thermal shock.

Some of its applications:

•    Furniture
•    Wall covering: kitchen backsplashes, walls of restaurants, hotels,         shops, offices ... etc.
•    Window sill
•    Cladding of facade