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Double glazing

Glazing formed from two or more glasses (float, laminated, printed, coated glass ...) separated by a profile, generally made of aluminum, called interleaved and filled with molecular sieve that absorbs residual moisture preventing possible condensation on the inside of the air chamber.

Double glazing

The manufacturing of the double glazing is made by bonding the glass to a profile usually made of aluminum, called Interlayer, through the use of the butyl. Besides, the butyl cord will have the function to be the first isolating barrier of the double glazing.

Finally, another sealant such as polysulfide or structural silicone is injected, between the rear of the interlayer and the glass, acting as a second insulating barrier which will provide the necessary sealing of the chamber.

The double glazing is intended to be placed in a rebate with a seal which may be polysulfide. If the double glazing is intended to be in contact with the water and to be exposed to the sunlight, the sealing must be done with structural silicone.


Aluminum profile placed inside the chamber of the double glazing, which gives to the same a decorative appearance.


Camera glass includes in its inside aluminum slat blinds in order to control the light and heat transmissions, at the same time, it gives privacy to the inside from the undesired looks.


Mixture of two gases (SF6 and ARGON) that together and depending on their proportion, improve sound and / or heat insulation.


Engraving done on the surface of the glass, gloss or matte finish that we use to decorate.